Sunday, October 22, 2006

Coven of the Black Crow

Hello, my name is Lucy Middleton. I live in a pretty normal family... I'm twenty five, I have- no, had- a little 12 year old brother, and our parents are still together.

However, last Friday something happened that changed our family forever. My little brother was killed by a coven of witches.


I live in Utah. Friday night our family went out to dinner at this place called "Pa's Steakhouse." My little brother (Jakob) said he had to go to the bathroom, so our father let him go. He ran to the restroom at the back of the building and was gone for probably fifteen minutes. Dad went in to get him and came out with an ashen look on his face. "He's gone," Dad said.

The next few minutes are somewhat of a blur. I remember Mom fainting. Dad splashed water on her face, and the next thing I knew I was outside, behind the building, staring up at the broken bathroom window. It looked like someone (oh god please not Jakob, god not Jakob) had been thrown through it... indeed, I saw a little scrap of blue cloth hanging from the glass. I looked down at the ground and saw deep footprints, maybe an inch or two down into the mud. They led across the field to the woods behind Pa's Steakhouse, so I followed them. I don't know where Mom and Dad were at the time, but I went off on my own.

Once I was inside the woods it was difficult to see. I couldn't make out the footprints any more, so I got down on my hands and knees and felt around until I found one. I followed them that way, crawling along the ground, for about twenty minutes. Soon I could see a light ahead of me, so I stood up.

I walked in the direction of the light until I found the most horrifying thing I'd ever seen. There was a fire in the middle of a clearing. An upside-down cross made of thick logs had been hoisted over the fire, and to my horror Jakob was tied to the wooden thing, head down in the flames. I stopped myself from gasping, because I wasn't alone in the clearning.

Dancing around the bonfire in a bizarre pentagram of gyrating bodies was a bunch of bald women wearing flowing silver robes. They chanted some horrid thing I shall not repeat, and their voices rose to a roar that complemented the crackling of the flames. They shouted some word in unison, and the flames turned bright blue for a second or two. And then they winked out, and my brother was gone. Where the fire had been was a huge glowing hole in the ground that seemed to lead into the very depths of Hell. Seven black crows rose from the hole and flew off into the night, and the witches cackled loudly. I freaked and ran back to the steakhouse. I didn't tell my parents what I'd seen, because they wouldn't believe me.

For the past two days we've had to see an endless stream of reporters and policemen. They seem to be convinced we know something we're not telling them, and in fact I do. Mother is heartbroken, and I don't really blame her. Jakob is gone, and no one can ever know what happened.

My brother was killed by a Coven of witches. And I want revenge...

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