Wednesday, October 25, 2006


The reporters are finally gone. I can look across the street and see a field again, not a campground. It's a relief, really; no more screaming idiots whenever I open the door to look outside.

On the other hand, they've given up looking for Jakob. I've been trying not to think too much about what I saw Friday night, because the more I think the harder it's going to be to stop. I keep being reminded of this quote in Stephen King's latest book (which rocked, by the way)... "The arguments against insanity fall through with a shirring sound." Don't ask... it makes sense in the context of the book.


They've given up searching behind Pa's Steakhouse for Jakob. His funeral (with no body oh god poor jakob we don't even have his body) is going to be held on Friday, exactly a week after he disappeared. Mom wants me to deliver his eulogy. It's going to be tough, so I'm going to work on that right now. I want it to be perfect.

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